At Rare Earth Tree Farms, we are proud to provide a variety of prime spruce and pine trees; catering to homeowners, developers, landscape contractors and greenhouses in the greater Edmonton area. We are your local source for conifers native to Northern Alberta, with trees ranging in size from easy-to-move 10 footers all the way up to our majestic 30 foot estate trees.

By selecting our locally grown trees, the success rate after transplanting greatly increases; as they have had 10-20 years growing in the local weather and soil conditions. Our farm is located minutes from south east Edmonton. This helps to save you hundreds of dollars in moving fees, & also reduces your carbon footprint.

We are able to connect you directly with a number of different contractors to ensure that you find the perfect mover for your tree size and location. Give us a call or send us an email & we’d be happy to make an appointment to show you our trees!

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